Guidance Department

Welcome to the Guidance Department!
The Immaculate Heart Academy Guidance Department consists of four professional, full-time guidance counselors and a full-time secretary. The philosophy of the department uses a developmental approach, as each counselor works with her students as they progress through their four years of high school. Guidance is available to students and parents to aid in personal and social development, academic support, and college advising. Counselors are also responsible for assisting with special circumstances and serious difficulties a student may encounter. References to professional counselors and community resources are also available via the Guidance Department.

Students are assigned a specific counselor and may request an appointment at any time by filling out a guidance appointment slip in the guidance office or signing up for an appointment with her guidance counselor.

To facilitate an understanding of a student's academic career at IHA, please visit our Curriculum Page.
Counselors' Students by Name
Alphabetical listing for guidance counselors, grades 9-12:

Mrs. McGovern:
Class of 2014: Adams-DeStephen
Class of 2015: Acquaviva-Dave
Class of 2016: Ahearn-Floyd
Class of 2017: Afriyie-Conwell

Ms. Donoghue:
Class of 2014: Devaney-Klein
Class of 2015: Delehanty-Liu
Class of 2016: Flynn-Maul
Class of 2017: Corbett-Maleski

Mrs. O'Sullivan:
Class of 2014: Koch-Podest
Class of 2015: LoBianco-Rice
Class of 2016: Maxwell-Scala
Class of 2017: Maloney-Santoro

Ms. Boland:
Class of 2014: Pollard-Zingale
Class of 2015: Roche-Zinn
Class of 2016: Scanlon-Zuks
Class of 2017: Santos-Zinn
Meet the Counselors
Geraldine Boland
Director of Guidance
(201) 445-6800, ext. 136

Ellen Donoghue
Guidance Counselor
(201) 445-6800, ext. 139

Christine McGovern
Guidance Counselor/Learning Consultant
(201) 445-6800, ext. 137

Melissa O'Sullivan
Guidance Counselor
(201) 445-6800, ext. 138

Kitty Kelly
Guidance Secretary
(201) 445-6800, ext. 135